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Corporate governance statement

As a Luxembourg governed company whose shares are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, HomeToGo is neither required to adhere to the Luxembourg corporate governance regime applicable to companies that are traded in Luxembourg nor to the German corporate governance regime applicable to listed companies in Germany. While we are also not applying the Luxembourg or German corporate governance regime in its entirety on a voluntary basis, HomeToGo remains committed to applying and implementing a high standard of corporate governance throughout its organization.


HomeToGo is focused on reducing our environmental impact, remaining a climate-neutral company and fighting against the climate crisis. We are committed to driving a positive impact for customers, our employees, the business and our partners.

Complete climate neutrality for our offices: We calculate basic and Scope 3 emissions to offset 100% of our carbon footprint across all our offices.

Leader for Climate Action: We’re a member of this community of 1,100+ entrepreneurs, brands and companies dedicated to fighting climate change.

Certified ClimatePartner: We support projects like Clean Oceans Worldwide in our commitment to remain a climate-neutral company.